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A good deal is not necessarily a good solution for every real estate issue. That is why Redept’s approach differs significantly from that of the traditional service providers. Firstly, we discuss with the stakeholders what the desired objective is and what the requirements are. We will also bring to your attention subjects that you may not have thought of in the first instance but that are possibly relevant for your organisation in the long term. Your accommodation must comply with its primary purpose: a good workplace for your organisation in which your employees can work productively and with pleasure and accommodation that underlines what you want it to say to your customers.

Obviously, the financial aspect must also be right. Redept gives you the total picture (the “total cost of occupancy”) and not just the rental costs. You can only make a good decision when you know what the bottom line is. For this we take into account accounting principles in order that you do not just know which rental invoice you are going to receive but also what effect it will have on your profit and loss and your tax situation.

In order to follow a proper selection process, Redept will set out various scenarios on an objective basis. We also take into account quality and risks in order that you can compare like for like.

Redept will provide you with objective information with which you can support the internal decision making process and inform the various stakeholders, such as the works council. We are used to working together with internal (or external) tax advisors, lawyers and controllers in order to ensure that the process follows corporate procedures and complies with internal guidelines.

For negotiations, Redept uses a proven process that is based upon procurement techniques. It guarantees an optimum result and a transparant process throughout which we report in writing to the client.

Redept devotes detailed attention to confirming agreements in the contracts in order that there is long-term certainty and contractual flexibility whereby for the duration of your rental agreement you have the freedom of movement that your organisation requires.

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Paul Stotesbury is an incredibly knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. We had several hiccups along the way in finally locating and signing for our office space in Utrecht and Paul was instrumental in getting the deal across the finish line. I would recommend Redept to others and will use them in the future.


Chelsea Riffe

Senior Director Global Property



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