We have consciously chosen to act exclusively on behalf of real estate occupiers. In so doing we exclude any hint of conflicting interests. Our remuneration is never dependent on the outcome of our advice. Our clients can therefore be assured of objective and unbiased advice.
We are at our best with complex assignments. Where the traditional real estate service provider stops, we go further.

Core Values

  • Our advice is always independent, supported and impartial.
  • We work with real estate but are driven by a good understanding of the commercial needs of our clients and commercial priorities.
  • Our solutions will always provide tangible results that contribute to our clients’ performance.
  • We always offer value for money.
  • We are continually searching for practical innovations in order to realise measured change.
  • We work collaboratively on the basis of trust and cherish our relationships.
  • We employ considerate, experienced people.
  • We understand the value of good communication and strive to make the complex simple.
  • We understand that the best advice invaluable is but that it does not automatically lead to a higher compensation.
  • We recognise the impact that our actions and advice have on our environment.


Redept values ethics and integrity. We are conscious that real estate is a heterogeneous product and that the markets are not transparent. For those who are not involved in real estate on a daily basis it is not easy to gain insight into the diversity of actors in the real estate business and the sometimes complex constructions that are created around real estate. In our business and our remuneration model we have made clear choices in order to exclude conflicts of interest. We provide our clients with complete and substantiated information and always confirm our agreements in writing. It is therefore always possible to follow an audit trail. Our processes are also designed to encourage transparency. Even in complex scenarios we endeavor to compare and measure everything as objectively as possible so that our clients are in a position to take considered decisions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Redept we believe that it is not only what we do that is important but also how we do it. We stand for honest business practices and respect for our fellow citizens and nature. Our fundamental ideas are formulated in our corporate social responsibility section.

Quality Management

Redept has implemented a quality management system conform ISO 9001. In our operations we maintain standard procedures whereby our services constantly comply with the demands of our clients and with the latest legislation. Additionally, we measure client satisfaction with the aim of keeping this at the highest level.


It goes without saying that we do everything within our power to help each client in a professional manner, to the highest possible standard and to its satisfaction. Nevertheless it is always possible that you are not satisfied. Consequently we offer the possibility to make a complaint either with Redept or externally. You can find our complaints procedure here.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Redept is a RICS regulated firm and Redept’s partners are Fellows of the RICS. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the world’s leading professional organisation in the area of quality and standards in the real estate sector. Where consumers, governments, banks and commercial organisations have an increasing need for common standards and ethical values, the status of RICS membership offers the recognisable trademark of professionalism in real estate.

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