Property Tax Appeals

The property tax (WOZ) value is fixed by the municipal valuers who make use of references and general principles. That means that they will not have specifically assessed your property. Your property will be compared with transactions on other commercial properties in a comparable period.  Much more so than in the case of residential property, commercial properties are quite specific whereby the value assessed can sometimes deviate strongly from the actual value. Often a discussion arises over the assumptions that have been applied. That this often leads to incorrect values will surprise no-one.

Fortunately you can obtain the underlying valuation report from the municipality to assess whether it is worth appealing the valuation. In many situations it is indeed worth it as the WOZ value is used for many forms of taxation such as property tax, corporate tax and water management tax. Hence if the WOZ value of your property is too high, you are paying too much tax.

If you would like to know whether the municipality has correctly assessed the WOZ value, we can judge the WOZ value of your property free of charge.  If this is too high, then we will appeal the assessment on your behalf. Our appeal documents are accurately supported with the right references from our transaction database and information from the Land Registry.

Particularly if you are the owner of real estate, if your commercial property is quite specific or you are tenant of a large property it is almost always worth taking a critical look at your WOZ value. It can quickly lead to savings which are valid for the subsequent years.

Read also the article: Substantieel lagere aanslag door hiaat in WOZ-stelsel.

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