Commute analysis

Analysis of travel impact

Relocating a business can have a major impact on employees. What works out well for one person means disaster for another. That is why it is important to analyse the travel impact when choosing a location. For this we developed a tool to calculate travel impact from door to door. In this way we also provide insight into which location scores best.

The analysis of the commuter traffic shows per location what the effect is on travel time and travel distance. We also show how large that impact is per type of employee. You can choose how each employee will travel to work. Commute analysis gives you the knowledge you need – and enables you to make strategic decisions with complete transparency.

Right of advice Works Council

The management of a company may not decide to relocate a company without first seeking advice from the Works Council. The law grants the Works Council the right to advise if there is a proposed decision to “change the place where the company carries out its activities”. This right of advice also applies when not just the entire organisation, but a significant part of the activities relocates. It is therefore wise to accompany the request for advice with an analysis of the commuter traffic.

The commute analysis gives you insight in:

  • the travel times per location and the difference with the current location;
  • the potential for staff to use public transport;
  • the number of employees who work within walking or cycling distance;
  • the number of parking spaces that your company really needs;
  • the impact of changes in location on mobility management.

The analysis:

  • is based on current, actual location and connection data;
  • is presented in one clear infographic;
  • provides details for custom solutions;
  • cannot be traced back to individuals.

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