Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions

With our experience of working within corporate real estate organisations we have a unique insight into the analysis that is required in preparing mergers or acquisitions. We can express an opinion as to the commercial value of real estate (portfolios), provide estimates of accounting provisions, assess effectiveness, calculate integration advantages and help with compiling ‘reps & warranties’.

Our activities have in many cases lead to the adaptation of the takeover consideration or the amendment of conditions or even prevented a potentially disadvanteous transaction. We have also identified chances whereby a takeover battle has been won.

Integration of acquisitions

Following a takeover, Redept can support the integration of real estate portfolios (Post Merger Integration). This can take the form of assessing the book value for the opening balance as well as formulating and/or executing a transition plan for combining locations.

Vendor due diligence

We are able to help our clients in preparing their real estate portfolios for division or the transfer of a part of their company by compiling a ‘Vendor Due Diligence’. By presenting relevant information so clearly as possible to a potential purchaser, the chance of receiving the right offer is increased and the chance of unwanted reconciliation at a later date is reduced.


Given that our business model is not based upon real estate transactions, our clients can be assured of confidentiality and that we will not abuse the information that we receive for our own ends. We always work under an NDA.

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