Proper Administration

Redept is a small organisation with two shareholders. Decision-making processes and structures within the organisation are fixed. Responsibilities are divided although the management has collective responsibility for policy and decisions taken. CSR principles are taken into account by management in taking and implementing decisions.

Human Rights

Redept has respect for its fellow citizens. In all decisions Redept will resist the contravention of civil rights such as for example the right to equal treatment. In its cooperation with third parties as well as in accepting or granting instructions Redept will only do business with parties that are not involved in contravening human, economic, social or cultural rights.

Working Conditions

Redept will encourage good working conditions for its own organisation as well as ensuring that organisations that work under Redept’s instructions (subcontractors) or to activities are outsourced create the right circumstances for their employees to carry out their work. In this respect the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • Offering good working conditions and ensuring social security
  • Health and safety at work including the provision of a suitable workspace
  • Offering people the opportunity for personal development and education in their work.


Redept is aware of the impact that its operations has on the environment. Redept endeavours to reduce the negative impact on the environment with a holistic approach. Redept interprets this as follows:

  • Sustainable procurement where possible
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Encouraging the use of public transport
  • Bringing sustainability expressly to the attention of its clients.

Doing Business Honestly

Doing business honestly is one of Redept’s guiding principles. This means company ethics, integrity, transparency, honesty, responsibility and respect for law. Redept has translated this in the following principles:

  • The client’s interest is always our first priority
  • Conflicting interests will be actively avoided. Redept will never accept assignments from real estate providers in order to prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Redept’s advice is always independent, supported and impartial.
  • Redept works on the basis of procedures that are transparent and measureable
  • In no way whatsoever will Redept cooperate with corruption, bribery of government officials, money laundering and suchlike. Additionally Redept will not work for parties that are guilty of such malpractices
  • Redept makes an active contribution to the debate on integrity in the real estate industry
  • Responsible political involvement
  • Redept will promote honest competition and in tendering and procurement for itself or on behalf of its clients will take decisions based on objective criteria
  • CSR will be encouraged within Redept’s sphere of influence.

Client Affairs

Redept will deal with its clients in a responsible manner and maintains the following principles in this respect:

  • Redept will treat client information confidentially
  • Redept will never provide its clients with an incorrect representation of its business.
  • Redept carries out honest marketing and provides factual and unprejudiced information
  • In its service provision, Redept uses honest contracts that are respect the interests of all parties involved
  • Redept will be open and accessible in solving complaints and disputes.

Social Involvement and Development

Redept pays much attention to its role in society and the development of the profession.

Organisations must maintain a relationship with the community in which they operate by identifying with and offering support to the organisation’s (direct) surroundings. For example, providing expertise and means or by supporting non-profit organisations. Effective social involvement increases the quality of life in the community (social development) and can contribute to the organisation better achieving its objectives. Redept achieves this by, for instance:

  • Publishing relevant articles in the professional press
  • Giving presentations
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Supporting skills development
  • Participating in knowledge circuits
  • Participating in setting up networks
  • Filling management functions
  • Contributing to education programmes as guest lecturer
  • Offering internships.
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